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Finally, Hair Growth Solutions For

For Women

You’ve got unique hair goals. We’ve got personalized, expert-curated solutions to reach them.


The Leona Way


Get Assessed

Our quick, intelligent quiz helps you nail your hair goals and helps us get to know you.


Get Matched

Say good-bye to trial and error. We source the best products from all over the world, and pick the ones that will work for you.


Get Selecting

See our specially curated regimen, and why it will work. Make your picks—shipping’s on us.

We Cover All the Bases


Each product gets the Leona seal of approval for being clean, safe, and most important, effective. We’ll put together a unique regimen—just for you, just what you need. We get results by getting the fundamentals of hair care right, no unnecessary products or added fluff.

See What We Mean

The Leona Difference



We factor in everything that makes your journey unique, from your lifestyle to your hair type, your scalp condition to your history. That’s how we make reaching your #hairgoals real.


Curated By Experts

We know hair products, so you don’t have to. Every recommendation chosen especially for you is vetted for results by our hair experts, and tested down to the ingredients by our cosmetic chemist. Our holistic approach offers a new and complete solution.


Clean & Safe

Only the good stuff here. Every product meets our highest standards—safe, clean, effective, and drug-free. What you won’t find: harsh sulfates, parabens, silicones, or phthalates, just to name a few on our “no way” list.

We Know Good Hair

Growing your best hair doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be customized. That’s what our team of hair health experts is for.

Shab Caspara

Founder, Hairstylist, Trichologist

Growing your best hair doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be customized. That’s what our team of hair health experts is for.

“Working with countless clients for years in the hair industry, I realized all women, myself included, live with unsolved hair challenges. After becoming a trichologist—a certified expert on healthy hair growth and scalp wellness—and discovering the truly effective approach to hair, my mission evolved. Depending on their stage in life, women either need preventative, reversal or maintenance measures, so I teamed up with other experts to offer the best education and guidance for every woman and her unique quest for her best hair.”